How does heat transfer ink print to paper dry slowly?


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Some customers use heat transfer ink on the offset press drying slowly, this is the ink you use is not consistent with your machine, if the offset press per hour speed above 8000 RPM should use that kind of fast drying ink, if it is below 8000 RPM, it should use that kind of non-peeling ink, of course, the machine speed below 8000 RPM can also use fast drying.

No skin ink in the ink bucket 36 hours without skin, quick dry skin slightly faster.

Henan Liqi has these two kinds of ink, if you want to dry that fast skin and slow we also have oh!

Thermal sublimation ink Certification:

The products have passed the national MA environmental protection test, the light fastness test, the SGS REACH certification and the DGM certification, in line with the European and American national standards.

Advantages of heat transfer ink printing:

Ink balance is excellent, dot restoration is clear, complete fixed fast, stable on the machine. The printing pattern of this process is rich in layers, bright colors, kalevariability, small color difference, good reproducibility, the image will not fall off, crack and fade, and wear-resistant, sun-fast, so sublimation heat transfer products have the advantages of durability.

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