What is the general color sequence in color printing


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Color sequence in color printing is often the subject of controversy, and it is difficult to achieve standardization on this issue.

In the early stage of color printing, the color sequence of yellow, magenta, cyan and black was widely used because the yellow ink pigment was translucent. Now, transparent yellow ink is used, so that the same set of printing plate, because of the different plate color sequence, the picture effect will not be the same, in order to ensure the effect of printing products, must be determined in advance printing color sequence. There are 24 possibilities according to the arrangement and combination, and there is no definite conclusion on which is better. The general principles for selecting the best color sequence are as follows:

1. Arrange the printing color sequence according to the model. Monochrome machine and two-color machine due to the printing suitability of the impact is relatively small, printing color sequence is more complex, there is no unified regulation. Four-color machines often use black, green, magenta, yellow order, but not as a final decision.

2, according to the dot coverage area to determine the color sequence. General dot coverage area is small first printing, dot coverage area is large after printing.

3, according to the transparency of ink to determine the color sequence. Generally, transparency is the worst first printing, transparency is good after printing.

4, according to the brightness of the ink to determine the color sequence. Generally it is dark first printing, light after printing.

5, according to the characteristics of the screen to determine the color sequence. To warm color printing such as character pictures, after printing magenta, yellow is better; To cool color printing such as glacier, snow, landscape painting, after printing cyan is better.

6, in the printing of flat screen and field fold color, if the printing conditions permit, the first printing of flat screen, after the printing of field color, so that the folded color.

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