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Different points of hot stamping and thermal sublimation:

1. The temperature and time of hot stamping are different. Generally speaking, hot stamping temperature is 130-150 degrees, the time is about 6-10 seconds, sublimation ink hot stamping temperature is between 200-230 degrees, the time is about 15-20 seconds.

2. Ironing fabrics vary. Hot stamping can be hot in knitting, textile, nylon, non-woven fabric, Oxford cloth and other all fabrics can be hot stamping. Sublimation paper can only be ironed in light or white polyester, acrylic fiber fabrics. The more polyester it contains, the brighter the color.

3. Feel different after hot stamping. There is hot glue on the back of the hot stamping, so the hot stamping on the fabric feels feel, as if there is something attached to the surface of the fabric, it feels hard. Sublimation paper is ink permeated into the fabric, so it is called sublimation, it does not feel comfortable, relatively soft.

4. Color difference. Hot stamping can achieve the effect of photos, do hot stamping as long as provide clear original file (vector), make can achieve the effect of photos. Sublimation paper stamping out the effect is not as clear as hot stamping. Sublimation paper hot printing fabric containing polyester components, the higher the color is bright. Of course, it is also related to the temperature and time of hot stamping. The higher the temperature of hot stamping, the longer the time, the more bright the color.

5. There are differences in washing fastness. Generally speaking, the washing fastness of hot stamping is not as good as that of sublimation paper.

These are the similarities and differences between hot stamping and thermal sublimation. Of course, printing includes heat transfer, and heat transfer includes hot stamping and thermal sublimation. The process of printing a pattern onto a fabric by heating is called heat transfer.

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