Transfer when the spot how to return a responsibility


4X2A3491 拷贝

There are several reasons for its spots when transferring:

1, ink in the ink skin is not removed clean, mixed with ink caused by; (The fineness of Zhongliqi ink is below 3um, and there will not be any impurities in the ink)

2. The surface of the soft ink roller is cracked and spalled into the printing ink; (Wash ink and rubber)

3, due to the lack of substrate surface strength and other quality problems caused by a certain component of the substrate (such as paper powder, paper wool and debris particles, etc.) mixed with ink; (Change the paper)

4. There are pieces of paper, paper hair and water roller fluff on the ink roller, etc., or it is caused by peeling paper, not clear in time or being broken. (Clean the ink roller)

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