How to deal with the color bias of the original manuscript


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There are many reasons for the color bias of the original manuscript, such as the color film three color layers and photosensitive film incongruity, daylight shooting under the light is blue and so on, there will be the color bias of the original manuscript.

The method of correcting the color deviation of the original manuscript:

1. The color correction of the filter can be corrected by its complementary color. For example, if the original manuscript is blue or purple, the light yellow color filter with moderate density can be selected. This method is effective for correcting the color bias of the middle and dark tones, but it should be noted that when the color filter is occluded with the original manuscript, if the occlusions are not true, there will be interference phenomenon, such as Newton's ring.

2. Correct color bias by changing the level. For the color skewering original manuscript, after the setting of high and low record density, if the use of the color calibration knob still cannot be completely corrected, the method of changing the level can be used to correct the color skewering, that is, the level correction can be used to properly change the depth of the middle tone, to improve the gray imbalance caused by the color skewering original manuscript. For example, to correct the bluish-violet deviation of the original manuscript, first determine the high, middle and low three parts of the original manuscript, and find out the ideal gray balance data according to the post-process, so as to brighten the middle tone of the green version, so as to achieve the purpose of correcting the color deviation. This method can be used to solve the problem, such as the blue color of the original scenery and the purple color of the backlight face of the original character. If the manuscript is red, the color deviation can be corrected by brightening the middle tone of magenta version.

3. Correct color bias by base color removal or base color gain. For the color manuscript, even if the neutral gray balance of high and medium tone is balanced, the dark tone will often lose balance. If you want to keep the other color components unchanged, and only compensate for the partial color of the dark part, you can use the method of background color removal to solve the problem, if the background color gain is used in the Chinese painting class. For example, the original dark red, the magenta version can be used to remove the background color to correct.

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