Electronic color separation process


4X2A3460 拷贝

Electronic color separation process includes direct net positive diagram, direct net negative diagram, continuous positive adjustment diagram and continuous negative adjustment diagram, etc., each has its own characteristics, can be selected according to the original manuscript, layout design, equipment materials and quality requirements, etc.

Direct net positive diagram can vividly reflect the quality effect of electronic color separation, after scanning can be proofing. And do not need to copy, not affected by the network transfer, save time, simplify the operation. But there are also shortcomings, that is, the revision is not easy, difficult to make up for the defects of the original manuscript.

Direct mesh positive drawing is the most used technology at present, it can make up for the deficiency of the original manuscript, and can be transferred to positive drawing, the use of positioning copy or plate and other means, to make a more complex layout.

Continuous negative adjustment process has the advantages of high output, fast speed, easy to play the working efficiency of the electric extension. But must have modern photographic equipment and materials matching use to achieve the purpose.

The continuous positive adjustment process has the same high efficiency as the continuous negative adjustment process and needs modern equipment and materials to match it. Obviously, these two process methods compared with the first two, clarity and other quality decline.

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