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How to understand and recognize digital heat transfer technology

1, what is digital heat transfer technology

     Digital thermal transfer printing technology is a new technology which combines traditional thermal transfer printing technology with digital printing technology to print color images and patterns without plate making. At first, this technology is mainly used in advertising, signs, cards, ceramic image production, and later, with the widening of the application field, more widely used in industrial production, such as digital printing and dyeing and clothing production, shoe material production, ribbon, clothing label and other industrial production, the application of products are increasing.

     The earliest countries to use this technology are the United States, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, China and so on. China has become the world's largest digital heat transfer processing market in terms of market size in the past two years. Many international heat transfer printing color printing ink brands began to focus on the huge Chinese market, to participate in the market competition, have the potential to come, the competition will become increasingly fierce.

     Here, we want to talk about the digital heat transfer printing is inkjet printing technology as a form of digital heat transfer printing technology, because this form of technology can ensure a certain width and length, suitable for industrial production.

2. Market significance of digital heat transfer technology

     Digital heat transfer printing technology can be said to be a new technology to adapt to the development of personalized market and consumer demand for personalized products, is an effective supplement to the traditional heat transfer printing technology and traditional heat transfer printing product market. Therefore, strictly speaking digital heat transfer technology and product market positioning is personalized product market. Traditional thermal transfer printing products are difficult to produce small batch of personalized products due to the limitation of technology and plate making cost. Therefore, in the traditional heat transfer market, in terms of personalized products digital heat transfer technology is a gap in the market. The advent of this technology makes it possible to produce personalized heat transfer products. Not only that, the printing quality of digital thermal transfer product image pattern is far more than the traditional thermal transfer technology.

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