The strengths of Zhongliqi Sublimation Offset Ink


Technology of Sublimation Offset Ink:
For our sublimation offset ink,first printed the ink into the transfer paper, then transfer the ink from transfer paper into the fabric (under 180-220 degree). It is based on the sublimation characteristic, according to the requirements of the various design pattern, use the offset machine first transfer the ink into the transfer paper. Then make the transfer paper (with the pattern) contact with the fabric, under the certain temperature, pressure and transfer time, the ink will become gas and goes into the fabrics from the transfer paper (such as sports, non-woven bags, garments, handicrafts, add layer metal, ect.).

The Strengths of Zhongliqi Sublimation Offset Ink:
1) Safe for the environment and no harm to skin . It does not belong to corrosives .
2) Passed SGS, REACH, ROHS, MSDS, DGM etc. certifications.
3) Vivid color, stable quality. Do not glue wheels, greatly reduced the number of machine washings.
4) Intense black and good coverage without domination of other colours .
5) High printing performance.
6) Don't crust within one week after open ink tins.
7) We can offer OEM, if you need your own labels, we shall design labels according to your demands.

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