How to Store Offset Printing Ink?


Offset printing ink is made of pigment, binders and additives, after uniformly mixed and repeatedly rolling form a viscous gel-like fluid. Storage and management process of the offset printing ink should be noted that some of the following questions:

1. Safety first, when storage the ink, we should be far away from the fire to prevent accidents.

2. The ink coffers best to maintain constant temperature, and the temperature difference between the print shop can not be too large.

3. In some cool areas, avoid ink stored outdoors, to prevent ink occurs gelling phenomenon at low temperatures.

4. Ink storage and management should follow the principle of "first in, first out", to prevent the ink due to the long storage time and affect its use effect.

5. The ink has a certain shelf life, if stored too long, the various components of the ink may occur separation or precipitation phenomena. Thus, the ink should not be stored for a long time, general retention period is one year.

6. After printing, the remained ink must be sealed and kept in the shadows.

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